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Digital Transformation Audit

End-to-End functional and process audit to generate a digital transformation architecture customized as per the needs of the specific industry. Data channels and sensitivity analysis to provide not just a solution but an evolvable digital eco-system catering current needs and adaptable for changing future dynamics.


ERP Implementation & Support

More than 20+ years of experience in ERP Implementation covering multiple platforms and tools. We provide solutions using the latest technology to deliver highly functional, adaptive, and agile software that can run on virtually any device and can be hosted either on-site or in the cloud to meet your business needs.


Scaleup & Maintenance

Existing ERP setups need a scale up to get aligned with industry 4.0 and the requirements of emerging technologies. We provide carefully crafted transition and scale-up plans to secure optimal digital assets by making a cost-effective and functionally sound upgrade. Our 24/7 maintenance support ensures the smooth operations.  


Human Resource Development

Emerging technologies, changing platforms and customization acquire a dynamic workforce. We provide versatile and applied knowledge growth programs to develop coherence between human resource and technology solutions. We also provide project-based intellectual capital to our clients for a cost-effective and professional solution.

Engagement Approach


Discovery & Audit

Process re-engineering & requirements phase allows for business processes to be re-engineered and streamlined for technology adoption.


Interactive Project Management

Agile implementation approach with continuous engagement with the customer teams.


Interactive Validation

UAT is done through conference room pilots (CRPs) which are designed to have client run their processes with the technical team.

Our Team Highlights


The experience of our team is covering more than 20 industries and top-notch platforms.


Our Experts comes with multiple Industry Domain Expertise and capable of taking ownership of end-to-end deliverables on any Industry


Our Resources are much Technology Savvy, who involves in following Best Practices with continuous research & development  


Our Consultants at i4t have thirst in thinking beyond out of box, which drives us in coming up with new ideas and innovations frequently


Each resource in our ERP team has in-depth Functional Knowledge and shows continuous achievements in all dimensions of our Services.


Our extensibility is based on our global collaboration network that facilitates our clients for a huge range of solutions

Our Unique Selling Points


Relational & process discovery to share and exchange knowledge for optimal solution development. Relational & Intellectual capital management is our key contribution. 


We are not solution providers instead we collaborate through VALUE model for maximal engagement and ownership of all stakeholders. Our collaboration is not bounded in one project – it’s a lineage cycle. 



Our development methodologies provide intelligence & learning infusion for self evolving systems. Our tech-support is to ensure the continuous system growth in accordance with the emerging technologies. 


Our focus is the most suitable digital transformation for the client, from databases to IoT, AI, Blockchain, ecommerce, cloud computing and ERPs all options are always open to formulate the most effective solution. 

STEPS Framework

Strategic Transformation for Enterprise Planning Systems


Our Partners




Technologists catering the business and management needs by operationalizing the knowledge economy using emerging technology. Technology and management consultancy, startup development, research & innovation and skill development are the core areas.




Providing cloud computing solutions and products focused on artificial intelligence, IoT and cloud orchestration. A rich product shelf along with customization projects are the basis of a versatile and in-depth exposure.




Education and skill development for the provision of intellectual capital management. Blended learning, distance learning and remote training models are transformed into comprehensive learning platform accessible through cloud. 




Industry 4.0 is the prime focus for technology transformation. NeoCog provides industrial audits for transformation and robotics along with customized atuomation solutions.

Our Platforms

Our products and solutions are of versatile nature so are our tools and techniques.

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